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my favorite tragedy

15 October
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Self mini-biographies are stupid. You would think that by now I would know what to say. I've been on the Internet for quite some time now. And I still haven't done anything important. My name is Hena. It's a long e. So pronounce it right. I have an alias. It's Split. So you can call me Split too. I have many interests, you can tell below. I like movies such as Fight Club, Kill Bill, The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean, Hannibal, and all the other juicy things. I like books. Actually, I like buying them. It makes me feel special because I have a book that I will probably never read. Although I read books by Neil Gaiman. He is my favorite author. His buddy, Dave McKean, is my favorite artist. I am not a computer nerd. I don't know anything about gigahertz or megabytes. I don't know what RAM means. Just as long as I get my Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro to work, it's all good. I like writing. Poetry and epic stories. They're stupid though. I like music. Different kinds. My favorite band is A Perfect Circle. I like Incubus and Staind too. I like to collect moisty napkins and shopping bags. I have a bad wardrobe. I need a life. If you read up to here, I must congratulate you on having no life as well.

Never share your muffins.